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Which Space Heater is right for you?

Heating systems older than 10 years old are often unreliable and inefficient. When it’s time for a new replacement, choosing the correct size is another piece in achieving the best overall efficiency and comfort as well as the lowest maintenance and operating costs over the life of the system.

Over sizing is a common mistake, which can result in inefficiencies and costly installations. Over-sized heating equipment often creates uncomfortable and large temperature swings in the house. It is the installer/contractor's job to perform the correct sizing calculation for the building.

Home improvements, such as new efficient windows, insulation and weather stripping help to make a home more efficient and reduce loss of heat in the winter, which should allow you to install smaller systems while remaining comfortable.

Key factors for correctly sizing include:

  • Local climate
  • Size, shape, and orientation of the house
  • Insulation
  • Windows
  • Occupants
  • Preference

Which space heating

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