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Everlast Commercial Point of Use Electric Water Heater

Everlast Commercial Point of Use Electric Water Heater

HTP’s Everlast® Commercial Electric Point of Use Water Heater packs a major punch in a compact mini tank. Constructed with durable 316L stainless steel, this single phase operation unit provides instant hot water. Available in 3 gallon capacities: 10, 15 and 20 gallons this versatile water heater is field convertible and provides minimal heat loss. The Commercial Point of Use comes backed with a 10 year warranty when registered online.

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Instant Hot Water

The Everlast Commercial Point of Use Electric Water Heater

Designed to keep your hot water hot, even longer, the Commercial Point of Use’s outlet has a built-in heat trap which provides longer hot water draws and greater efficiency. Outlet connections can be found on the top of the tank or on the side and have been placed carefully to reduce the mixing of cold and heated water.

The Point of Use units are ETL listed and comply with UL-1453 as a commercial electric water heater


How to Order Your Commercial Point of Use

Our Point of Use Models (10, 15 and 20 Gallons) come with a 1,440 watt element and 240 volts standard.

Model Number Gallons Wattage
EVC010C1X045 10 4,500
EVC015C1X045 15 4,500
EVC020C1X045 20 4,500




Upgrading or changing wattage and voltage is easy with the help of our element kits (sold separately). Part numbers are listed for reference.

Gallons # of Elements Wattage 120 Volts 208 Volts 240 Volts 277 Volts 480 Volts
10, 15, 20
1,500 A1X015N B1X015N C1X015N D1X015N N/A
2,000 A1X020N B1X020N C1X020N D1X020N N/A
2,500 A1X025N B1X025N C1X025N D1X025N N/A
3,000 A1X030N B1X030N C1X030N D1X030N N/A
3,500 N/A B1X035N C1X035N D1X035N N/A
4,000 N/A B1X040N C1X040N D1X040N N/A
4,500 N/A B1X045N C1X045N (standard) D1X045N E1X045N
5,000 N/A B1X050N C1X050N D1X050N E1X050N

Designed for Durability




The Commercial Point of Use is a light weight tank built with industry leading materials to resist scale build up and eliminate the use of anode rods. Inside the mini tank is the highest quality element with low watt density to provide a longer life. While the average, coated tank water heater lasts about 13 years, the Everlast Commercial Point of Use will outlast the average expectancy.

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Everlast Point of Use Water Heater with Titanium Element

Advanced Assurance

The Everlast Commercial Point of Use Water Heater is built to last and is backed by a limited 10 year commercial warranty when registered online.

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